Our trading operations comply with legal requirements relating to the raw materials of plastics and metals, off-grade products, renewable and recyclable products, etc.


We make a large contribution to the effective use of resources through our recycled plastics operations. Furthermore, we also deal extensively with import sales of container bags and stretch film (packaging film), and are venturing towards further growth by continuing to meet your diverse needs.

Metal (raw material for steelmaking)

We import and export raw materials for steel making such as ferro alloy, pig iron, and steel scrap. We intend to continue focusing on expanding our product line including the handling of new products to meet your expectations.

Steel (including scrap)

We import and export steel (including grade 2 products), steel scrap (HS, H1, H2), and stainless scrap (SUS316, SUS304, SUS430). We always strive with full sincerity to be true to our motto of “Working for you”. Feel free to inquire with us about even the smallest matter.

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