We reliably deliver your important cargo to the consignee!

Rich experience

We charter ships, with a focus on bulk cargo between the transport regions of Japan, China, South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East.
We handle a wide range of cargo such as steel products, log, equipment, coal, coke, feed, fertilizer, all types of scraps, and raw materials, and can accommodate almost all bulk cargo. For situations in which large items such as equipment don’t fit in a container, or when there is a small amount of items which don’t lend themselves to individual transport, we will propose for you consolidated service with another company’s cargo with a similar destination, and provide the suitable vessel with our accumulated experience and expertise.
Also, to attain your satisfaction we will create a stowage plan, arrange cargo handling at the loading and discharging site, control stevedores, dispatch supervisors to the site, as well as respond flexibly to a wide variety of issues such as cargo with a complex shape or from a project with a tight delivery date. We aim to build an ever more reliable transport system you can count on, and accumulate more experience on a daily basis. We are constructing a system that strives for ever further expansion and productivity.

Serving as a liaison between you and shipowners

We are building a service system that extends from the signing of the charter contract to releasing precious cargo to the consignee with certainty. We respond rapidly to all sorts of trouble such as a delay in ship movement or an unexpected situation, and form the best solution.

Based on our relationship of trust with overseas shipowners which we have cultivated over many years, our experienced staff takes advantage of a broad information network, and uses languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English to provide adequate vessels and service for cargo in a variety of conditions. We are gratefully supported by many customers and deliver results in chartering ships every year. We strive daily to continue being a liaison between you and shipowners, and to safely, reliably, and rapidly deliver your precious cargo.

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